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The day I submitted to Pitch Wars, I was on a 12-hour drive home from the "happiest place on earth," nervously cycling between cellular service and dead spots, but teeming with anticipation. Did I stand a chance against all the phenomenal writers submitting? Was there a place for me?

Days later, I, like many others before and after me, stalked the mentors' Twitter pages hoping for even a hint that maaaaybe they were connecting with my pages. Then, the requests for more began to come in. Was this really happening? It was. And though I didn't get picked traditionally, I came into Pitch Wars '14 on a Wild Card thanks to my champions Brenda Drake and Brooks Benjamin who teamed up to mentor me together as an additional mentee! *Heart Soaring*

The experience was life-changing. It was unforgettable. Even as I write this post, I tear up, remembering all the emotions, fears, joys that came at me at Indy 500 speed, the same that are probably raining down on you right now!

My greatest congratulations are coming at you by the buckets-full. You wrote a book, perhaps one that you have already been querying publishers and agents with, and you submitted to Pitch Wars!

And now... you wait! And you wait and wait and wait. What should you possibly do during the painful, endless waiting period?

My advice to you is simple. Keep your faith! Hold onto that hope! Say the prayers that comfort you, and share your palette of emotions with other Mentee Hopefuls because they are as eager, hopeful, excited, and freaked out as you are! They are THEEE BEST people to bond with during this exciting time!

My last piece of advice is not to put yourself on pause! While you wait, life will keep moving with or without you! So will the publishing industry! Though it feels as if the two are interchangeable, doesn't it? Ha ha. Anyway, keep yourself extremely busy by investing in your writing career now!


Research agents and make your wish list. Polish your query letter. Query agents. Start plotting or writing your next book. Read to learn craft.

In closing, I wish I could hug all of you! I wish you continued success and happiness! Don't forget to actually enjoy the moment and all the emotions that come with it. Stressing will not change the outcome, so enjoy the ride, learn from it, and celebrate always. You wrote a book! Your journey has begun.

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